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This video from the European Space Agency was produced in cooperation with NASA and Google Earth clearly shows the devastation of climate change on our environment and this over a very short period of time.
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Australia: exceptional floods !

Since this weekend, south-eastern Australia has suffered torrential rains, the heaviest for at least 10 years for New South Wales whose capital is Sydney. These rains contrast with the heatwave and fires of last year. You have to see a La Nina effect in the Pacific.

Australia, continent of all excess? This is what one can think of when comparing the exceptional floods which force thousands of evacuations in the Sydney area, while fires were raging there a year ago. This radical change of situation is mainly due to the La Nina phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean.

Since last Thursday, moisture-laden winds have been blowing from the Pacific on Australia's eastern coast, particularly the south-eastern part, affecting New South Wales. These incessant rains, comparable to our Mediterranean episodes, caused accumulations of rain of up to 400 mm in 2 days on the reliefs upstream of Sydney, causing major floods. Remember, however, that Sydney's climate is very rainy and that it falls there about 1200 mm per year, and 130 mm for the month of March. It is therefore the equivalent of nearly 4 months of precipitation which fell on the region in one weekend.

In the past, we find catastrophic floods in Australia but we must differentiate those occurring in the northeast, in Queensland (Brisbane region for example), linked to cyclonic and monsoon phenomena, from those occurring in the southeast. , whose oceanic climate is more temperate. Thus, the most serious floods in Australia occurred mainly in Queensland, but we find traces of an episode as intense as the current one in New South Wales in 1986 (it fell more than 300 mm in Sydney) . More recently, the region suffered severe flooding from 2010 to 2012. All these years have one thing in common: the Nina in the Pacific Ocean.

La Nina influences the wind regime across the entire Pacific Ocean, as does El Nino (a warm anomaly of the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean). In the case of the Nina, the trade winds regime is reinforced in this western part of the Pacific, so that the humidity of the ocean, pushed by the easterly winds, comes to pour out on the eastern side of the Australia.

This situation continues on Tuesday with stormy rains in the same regions, thus increasing rainfall accumulations. The improvement is expected from Wednesday, when the rains will stop in a rather heavy and humid atmosphere.

#australia #climate #globalwarming

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 2021-03-23 02:07:36

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