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Here you will see sport from all points of view. Past present Future...? Yes, you read correctly ! Predictions are an integral part of the world of sport. Enjoy!

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The tennis 🎾 player Klara Mrčela 🥰

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He's still the boss and he shows it clearly from the first round of the season. Seven-time British world champion Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) resisted Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull) to claim the first F1 Grand Prix of the year on Sunday night in Bahrain. Starting second on the grid behind Verstappen, the big favorite used his experience to resist the Dutchman and win his 96th F1 GP. The other Mercedes driver, the Finn Valtteri Bottas, completes a first podium of the season without surprise.

After the pitstop game, Verstappen was eight seconds behind Hamilton with 16 laps to go. The Dutchman, whose Red Bull appeared to be the fittest in pre-season testing, ended up overtaking the Briton. But, having overstepped the limits of the track in a bend, he had to let Hamilton pass. Definitely. Frustrating for Verstappen, who had dominated free practice and qualifying on Friday and Saturday. But this spectacular finish on the Sakhir circuit, in front of some spectators vaccinated or cured of Covid-19, promises a good duel for the 2021 season, which provides for a record of 23 Grands Prix.

Third in 2019 and 2020, Verstappen seems this year armed as never before to put an end to the domination of Hamilton, winner six times in seven seasons since 2014 and the most successful driver in F1 with Michael Schumacher (seven times). In the meantime, the Englishman signed a new record on Sunday: he has now led for 5,125 laps in the race since the start of his career. Better than Schumacher. Briton Lando Norris, driving his McLaren, took 4th place, ahead of Sergio Pérez. Arrived this winter at Red Bull, the Mexican had started the race from the pit lane, victim of an electrical problem during the formation lap.

Ferrari, 6th in the constructors' standings last year, placed its drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in 6th and 8th places. For his return to F1 at 39, Fernando Alonso (Alpine, Renault's new name), had to retire as he fought to finish in the Top 10.

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