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A section without rules for people vaccinated in a Chicago restaurant!

An owner in Chicago has decided to split his “Moe’s cantina” restaurant into two sections. On the one hand, clients who are not vaccinated must comply with several health measures, and on the other, a return to normal for those who are.

In the left section, which is reserved for citizens who have not yet received their doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, the tables are separated by a plexiglass plate.

On the other hand, it's a whole different experience with big tables.

Upon arrival, guests who show proof of vaccination are given a pink bracelet. "You can get up, go for a walk, go to the bar, whatever you could do before the pandemic in a restaurant," Moe’s cantina owner Sam Sanchez told a CNN reporter.

If the bar clientele is fully vaccinated, the dance floors may even reopen and the closing hours may be postponed.

“I believe these guidelines from public health are going to help us get closer to breaking even,” Sanchez added.

The owner's objective in dividing his restaurant in two is to encourage customers to get vaccinated to return to a little more normal life.

Photo: https://www.moescantina.com/

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