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Tony Hawk couldn't resist testing the Tokyo Olympics skatepark

The skateboard legend is in Japan as a correspondent for NBC. He greeted in his own way the arrival of skateboards in the Olympic disciplines.

He will not participate, but he expected to have fun before the outbreak of hostilities. One of skateboarding’s greatest professionals, Tony Hawk, tried his hand at the skatepark set up specifically for the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer on July 22.

While he will be the Japan correspondent for the NBC channel during the competition, which will take place from July 23 to August 8, the skate enthusiast honored his sport in a video on Instagram, when he did not expect to see one day. be an integral part of the Olympic Games. “As a kid who was mostly blasted for my interest in skateboarding, I never imagined it would be part of the Olympics,” he explains in the caption below the video of him on a skateboard in Ariake's skatepark.

The one who has been world champion 12 times in his career hopes that his discipline will be able to be better considered following these Olympics, where skateboarding will be, for the first time, an integral part of the competition. “I know that in the end it will help to develop knowledge about the practice of skateboarding internationally, exposing our passion to an audience that has never seen it before or who simply refused to embrace it. ”Writes the sportsman who retired in 2003. According to him, this spotlight could help a“ new generation to try their hand at skateboarding with real public support and significant opportunities ”.

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 2021-07-24 00:41:20