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In Antarctica, several meteorological stations have broken heat records, which "really goes in the direction of summaries of future projections", according to climatologist Françoise Vimeux.
"This is another example of an extreme event in a region where we do not expect it", declared Monday March 21 on franceinfo Françoise Vimeux, climatologist and director of research at the Research Institute for Development (IRD ), while eastern Antarctica recorded exceptionally high temperatures this week, more than 30 degrees above normal.

"It's really a perfect illustration of the extreme events that we can expect," added the climatologist. The Concordia research base, located on Dome C of the Antarctic plateau at more than 3,000 meters above sea level, recorded a record "heat" of -11.5 degrees on Friday, against temperatures of around -50 degrees usually .

"We expect the impacts of climate change to intensify and become widespread", continues Françoise Vimeux. According to her, "it's really going in the direction of the syntheses of future projections, with more heat waves all over the world."

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 2022-03-21 20:29:35