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Euro 2021 - England / Germany: Prince George in the stands alongside Kate Middleton and Prince William!

He did rather well to come! On Tuesday, June 29, Prince George made a highly regarded appearance in the stands at Wembley Stadium, during the Euro 2021 game between England and Germany.

Euro 2021 continues, as the French take stock. On Monday June 28, Didier Deschamps’s men bowed to Switzerland at the end of a breathless ... and frightening round of 16 match. In the aftermath of this resounding and particularly difficult defeat, while Kylian Mbappé and his teammates are struggling to "turn the page", others have taken to the grass with a wealth of energy and envy. This is the case for the English team which faced Germany on Tuesday (June 29th). And on this occasion, Prince William and Kate Middleton made the trip to the stands of Wembley Stadium, near London. And surprise: the Duke and Duchess were accompanied by their eldest son, George!

Well-filled stands.
Dressed in an adorable suit and tie that immediately gave him a more serious dimension, the 7-year-old little prince looked very concentrated from the start of the match. Beside him, his mum Kate Middleton, and his dad, Prince William, also seemed very concerned about the first minutes of play. As were David Beckham and Ed Sheeran, also present for the event. And it is clear that all these beautiful people did not make the trip for nothing, as England finally won brilliantly against the Mannschaft.

Prince George's first match.
It all happened after half-time. Raheem Sterling was the first to electrify the English fans as he opened the scoring. Then, a few minutes later, it was the team captain, Harry Kane, who sealed the unfortunate fate of his opponents. With each goal scored, Princes William and George did not shy away from their pleasure, blending in perfectly with the ecstasy in the stands. On the social media side, the appearance of the grandson of Elizabeth II caused just as much sensation! It must be said that this is the very first time that the little boy has attended a football match. At seven years old, his attitude is already scrutinized by all. As for this summit meeting, the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton was therefore served, and - without a doubt - left Wembley Stadium with a broad smile. And we understand it!

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Credit photo : Icon Sport

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