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Harry Styles is invading our radios and televisions… and the 28-year-old isn't quite done. This Thursday, October 27, 2022, he is back with a new clip for his title Music For a Sushi Restaurant. A very quirky universe once again, and above all, a new look that has not gone unnoticed...

Over the past few years, Harry Styles has recently established himself as a pop and fashion icon. Succumbing to the varnish trend, he even made it his trademark by creating Pleasing, his own cosmetics brand. Surfing from one success to another while doing your best to avoid controversy, it's hard to miss the phenomenon. And although his accomplice Louis Tomlinson has hinted that their old group could well reform, Harry Styles seems determined despite everything to continue his career with a master's hand.

Currently in full residency at the Los Angeles Forum to defend his album Harry's House, the British singer is used to bending over backwards to satisfy his audience. It's done again today, with the release of the Music For a Sushi Restaurant clip. The former member of One Direction never lacks originality to attract his fans into his universe, even if it means surprising them at first sight, or downright destabilizing them.

Harry Styles "in Robinson Crusoe mode" !
And that's the case in this clip. His fans were able to see him transformed into an octopus man, trapped by a team of cooks determined to offer him on the menu. It is then that his character charms them with his voice to hypnotize them and thus avoid this sad fate. Instead, he has become the mega star of the restaurant. The octopus man is then the local attraction to animate the meals of the guests... A wacky scenario, but at least, the one who is sometimes compared to Mick Jagger knows how to reinvent himself and get people talking about him. And it is because the devil hides in the details that a physical transformation marked the spectators...

It is not his octopus tail, nor the very visual clip, but his full beard that has panicked the Web. And Internet users don't really agree... "Harry, what's that 40 cm beard there? What did you do to us in this clip??", "Harry in Robinson Crusoe mode, he scares me The beard really doesn't suit everyone", "A bunch of actors when they tell you the beard looks good on Harry", "Harry never lets your beard grow", "I wake up and see Harry with a beard. I'm going to go back to sleep", "Really Harry with the big beard there… It's horrible". Well, luckily this new look was only the story of a few seconds!

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 2022-11-02 00:29:35